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Tom Fahey

Principal / DP

Tom Fahey is the founder of Boston Video Crews and one of New England’s most experienced television photographers. His work is seen regularly on some of America’s best-known TV programs such as 60 Minutes, CBS Sunday Morning, HBO Real Sports, and The Daily Show.

Tom has performed principal photography on many national documentaries and worked with corporate producers and international news agencies. He has received several national EMMYs for his contributions to CBS 60 Minutes and ABC 20/20 feature stories. In 2020, Tom produced, shot and edited a documentary, “Remember This Year” which won a TELLY award and ran on PBS Television. Other programs that Tom has shot have won major awards including a Peabody and the Cine Golden Eagle for best documentary.

Producers remark repeatedly that Tom brings an important intangible to shoots: confident, engaged professionalism. Tom understands that producers prefer to collaborate with crews with whom they feel at ease.

Competence, creativity, and experience are paramount. The work can be challenging. Respectful, open communication is essential. Bottom line: Tom endeavors to make an optimal contribution to every production he DPs.

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